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I am glad for this opportunity to introduce myself.

Here is some information about me.
My name is Ha Quang Huy. My lovely students usually call me Mr Huymorous
Presently, I am an English teacher at MrEnglish in Hanoi.  I'm happy that my profession is to teach English to such wonderful students. I enjoy this job so much and I am at my happinest when I deliver a lesson and I feel it resulted in a great effect on my students. I feel that I open windows for them and lower walls in their realm of education.
Frame.jpgWhy Huymorous?
So many people usually call me Mr Huymorous.
My dear students give different reasons for calling me like that.
It might be Huy (my name), plus Humor and...Dangerous as well. I  love it so much but I am not dangerous as you might be thinking, haha. There are still some people calling me "
Beached Whale" because when I was young, I used to be a very fat kid because of eating too much Banh Dau Xanh (my hometown is Hai Duong, hehe). I certainly never liked that name. It sounds stupid to me :))

 Johnny_English_Reborn_Poster.jpgWhy MrEnglish?
 I remember it as if happened yesterday and I had such a wonderful experience that I would like to turn back time if I could.
That was the first time I had been to London, I went to follow my dream which was to do a masters degree, and after landing, when I took my first steps in a train station, the thing that I will never forget is "bigger- than- ever" hoardings advertising the Johnny English Reborn movie.I love London as much as I love Johnny English Reborn (released in some countries as Johnny English Returns) star
ring Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean).
I really love this film, I really cannot get enough of it, still watch it now on my own, with family and friends, it is a really funny film, I watched it in London with my friends and my sides split!!!

Why "Learn to change, Change to learn" ?

Firstly, why must you learn to make a change?
Our ultimate goal of doing anything is to change something or somebody. Have you ever though about changing the society to make it better? It seems immovable but nothing is impossible and why do not we start with ourselves? That was also the reason I would like to use the power of videos filmed with my students and The Running Man- Vu Xuan Tien to tell stories, have an impact on audiences and effect change. 
Have you seen this short video yet " Keep calm and be nice to others in public"?

Secondly, why must you change to learn?
We are happy that so many people come and ask "How can I learn English much faster and better", always we say, 'Well, you need to set the right goal and now it is time to learn differently".
Remember! Try to put yourself in an all English speaking environment where you can learn passively. The best way to learn is through speaking. You need to be confident and do not be afraid to make mistakes since even nativ
e speakers make mistakes all the time. Therefore, keep calm because nobody is perfect, but you must read and listen to correct English sentences and practice every day. Then, your speaking improves. 
We guarantee that you will love English and enjoy it with MrEnglish.


Email:     huyquangha@gmail.com
Number: 0975.827.491
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about making English easier and how to be more confident of speaking the wonderful language.

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